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SIM300CZ library for Eagle

I am playing around with this nifty GPRS module called SIM300, which is just plain awesome. :cool:

I am still using the test board that you can buy from the manufacturer, but are soon getting ready to use my own PCB board. But to do that, I need to draw the PCB board first. And I like to use Eagle, since the trial version has everything I need.

Only thing left is to have symbols for schematics and package for PCB. This is what I have been working on today.

So this is the resulting symbol:

And this is the package:

Now, I made the package, using the measurements in the SIM300C documentation, but I haven’t tried it yet. So I really don’t know if I have been dead on, on all the measurements in the package. But time will show, as I will try to print it out and compare, and eventually etch a pcb with it :)

If anyone wants to try the library, its here:

The library contains both SIM300Z and SIM300CZ. The SIM300Z package (molex package) was created by Vamsi Kodati, but the symbol and the SIM300CZ and the pin-connecting is all me :happy: