Missing diskspace in Linux

Today I had a problem with a server that had no more disk space. And I learned something new in the process. df -h told me that 100% was in use. Which was about 29GB on that server. But if I checked the root partition with du -shx / i got about 9GB of used […]

Uzebox – AVR Gaming console

So lately I have been fiddling with Uzebox. It’s a game console from just a ATMega644 mcu and a AD725 (RGB-to-NTSC converter) chip. Thats the whole idea. The RGB signal is created by a manual 3:3:2 resistor based DAC, and audio is pure PWM signal. The awesome part of this console is the “kernel”, written by […]

RouterOS API library for C

Sometimes I get these ideas in my head that I just have to write out. librouteros is one of those. If you need to check data or do periodic updates, or similar stuff to a RouterOS device from a script or program, you should use the RouterOS API. This is an open API that you […]

Following status of a file or command

A command most people know about in POSIX systems, is “tail”. A command showing you the ‘tail'(in most cases, the last lines) of a file or pipe. Or with the option -f, it actually monitors your files, and will show the newly appended lines live. But a command that is not that much known is […]

DMX Light control system

Every year, I team up with raider.no to arrange a party in Hurdalen, or around the Oslo area. And one of the things that is important for us (especially me and William), is to create a cool opening show, using our own innovative technology. We don’t have a lot of money in the organization, so […]

Variable initialization in C

I’m feel that I am starting to get the hold of C programming. But every now and then, I get these “ahaaa” moments, that I am a bit embarrassed about. One of these “aha”‘s I experienced today is how/when C handles initialization of variables where you don’t explicitly initialize them yourself. Consider this code: 1 […]

X applications and Socks proxy via SSH

I have often been very thankful of people who blog/share about things they find out on their own, and want to help others find it out quicker, or just to make little known, but awesome, features more visible. So I thought, maybe I should start to write these small posts about stuff i find, or […]

MAC-address based Telnet server in Linux

My previous post was about RouterOS Mac-Telnet application for Linux users where I talked about the MAC-Telnet client I created for Linux users. Since then, I have both started porting it to OS X and to create a daemon version of MAC-Telnet, called “mactelnetd”. You can look at the different branches at github.com. To use […]

RouterOS Mac-Telnet application for Linux users

Earlier, I wrote about a Wireshark plugin for dissecting Mac-Telnet packets. Now I have created an open source application for connecting to a RouterOS router via its MAC address from Linux without having to install Wine. At the time of writing the project is still in “alpha” stage. But it is fully functional. Though it […]

Simple ORM php-library for mySQL

I have been using Akelos both for professional and personal uses for a long time now. But sometimes I only need the ORM part of Akelos, and not the whole MVC shebang. So for a while ago, I made a ~40 lines php script that abstracted mysql queries in a easy to use class, much […]