Works In Kind Agreement

A child labour agreement (WIK agreement) is an agreement between a person who is required to pay the Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC) and the Minister of Planning. Under a WIK agreement, the responsible person agrees to provide land and/or works (construction of government infrastructure) in whole or in part instead of a cash payment to meet their GAIC liability. A condition under Article 7.11 may be met by an agreement between the applicant and the Board as “benefits in kind”. A WIK agreement cannot provide for the allocation of land to meet a condition under Article 7.11. Home > > Focus on assessing benefits in kind – a reminder Parties to a WIK agreement include the responsible person, the Minister of Planning, and may also include other parties such as other government ministers and the landowner. Under the Tax Administration Act, 1997, there will be a tax delay that will result in interest and penalties compared to the last day for the payment of the full liability of the CAG. Parties to a WIK agreement include the Chief of Detention, the Minister of Planning, and may also include other parties such as other government ministers and landowners. Based on a road access assessment submitted to the Commission, the Commission appealed alleging that the developer was required to pay the Commission an outstanding amount of $729,680 for development contributions. The developer challenged the obligation to pay this amount on the grounds that the evaluation of the work was too low and had not been carried out effectively, according to wiKA. Home > focus > the valuation of works of art – land or souvenir works must be located in a growth area and funded by the “Growth Areas for Public Transport” fund or the New Communities Building Fund. If a person has entered into a WIK agreement and fails to perform that agreement or any stage thereof by the due date, and if GAIC`s liability has been deferred or is subject to a instalment payment agreement, any GAIC liability is due immediately. Despite the delay, the person is responsible for the performance of his contractual obligations under the WIK contract. As noted in this case, when developing a substantive contract, it should be noted that the evaluation process and the appropriate scope of work are clearly defined.

Otherwise, it could affect a Council`s ability to recover from possible development contribution shortfalls. The Court held that there was no reason to decide that the parties intended to consider the construction of the reservoir as part of the construction of the access road. Therefore, the proponent would be entitled to a credit note for its s94 contribution liability for work that was to be performed under separate consent conditions. In addition, the construction of the reservoir was not included in the description of the work as part of the Council`s contribution plan and therefore the Council could not accept the construction of the reservoir under a substantive contractual agreement. .

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