Which Sentence Displays Proper Subject-Verb Agreement

(The SubjectVerb match is correct. “Team” is a collective name. A collective name is a singular noun, e.B “committee” or “team”, which refers to a group of people, things or animals. In British English, a collective noun can be used with a singularverb or a pluralverb. In American English, it is usually used with a singular verb. ) 1.B. Name indicating that the sentence is greater than 2. A. Indeterminate pronoun 3. A. Sailboat 4.

The audience rises at the end of the show. In this example, politics is a single issue; Therefore, the sentence has a singular verb. Which sentence shows the right subject-verb match? (1 point) One. My stamp collection is extensive. B. The herd of cattle is huge! C. The library staff is very helpful. D. The workers` team finishes the work.

Which sentence contains a gerund? (1 point) One. The number one in the races marked for his team beats the first in today`s game. B. Noah played baseball with his friends and decided he needed a new bat and glove. C. A hobby of people who enjoy summer is watching small league baseball games in the hometown park. D. Some baseball teams succeed because they acquire players who reach their highest potential. Which sentence contains a participle sentence? (1 point) A. Could you help us plan the trip? B.

I want to go to the new mountain resort. C. During the winter holidays, we ski. D. I searched the closet for my sweater. Which sentence has a pronoun and precursor that match in number and person? (1 point) One. My cousin is getting married and she is very excited. B. My mother gave me a new book because they have an interesting plot. C.

Our neighbours are celebrating his son`s birthday today. Kerry and Sarah wanted to get a pizza, but she didn`t agree on the toppings. Which sentence has a correct pronoun and an earlier chord? (1 point) One. Because the brothers were tired, he forgot to close the door and the dog ran out. B. As the neighbors went to the store, they dropped their money and the wind carried it away. C. When the teachers arrived at the school, she saw the students writing in chalk. D.

Carol wanted to go out, but it was raining and she couldn`t find our rain jacket. Read the following sentence, written in a passive voice. “A lot of mistakes were made today,” the coach said after the team`s loss. Which option turns the sentence into an active voice? (1 point) One. The team lost the game because the players made mistakes. B. The coach said the team lost by making a lot of mistakes. C. The coach said the mistakes caused the team to lose. D.

The loss of the team was caused by mistakes. Which sentence has the right subject-verb match? (1 point) One. Neither Harper nor Finn are aware of the details. Missouri and Illinois are states along the Mississippi River. C. You or I are responsible for cleaning the house this afternoon. D. Hope, peace and love are accessible to all. One way to isolate the subject is to put all the prepositional sentences in parentheses and then read each sentence without those sentences. The herd (of cattle) is huge! The team (the worker) completes the work. The staff (in the library) is very helpful.

My collection (of stamps) is extensive. Sugar is countless; Therefore, the sentence has a singular verb. First, find the subject of each sentence. Next, identify the verb for each and see if it matches: singular with singular, plural with plural. Try again (object consent is incorrect. The dog and the boy are two different things. Two things mean a “plural” subject. So the verb should also be in the plural.

This sentence should also be said: the dog and the boy go to the park.) The correct sentences as well as the explanations in parentheses are written below: (The correspondence of the verb subject is false. “Criterion” is a singular noun. With SingularSubstantiv, we use Singular Subject. This sentence should be written as follows: The relevant criterion is that the student is in university and has a high cumulative grade point average.) (B makes no sense.) Find the themes: Staff Collection Stove Crew Note that they are all unique in their form. .

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