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The line “An itemized list of 30 years of disagreements” is not a reference to an actual document, but a reference to parks and the recreation in which Leslie Knope says the same line. This reference seems close enough to be at the origin of the sentence that was requested: “Here is a disaggregated list of thirty years of disagreement”. It seems to have erated from Hamilton and Burr to Leslie Knope in Parks & Recreation and back to Hamilton and Burr, with a bit of embellishment with every step. Here is a detailed list of thirty years of disagreements Regarding his famous duel, the website Online list Of Founders Hamilton Correspondence posted According to Colonel Burr, the need for this measure has not been reduced by the general`s last letter or by a subsequent statement received, and I am again tasked with announcing a message to you, as soon as it might be convenient for you to get them. I therefore ask you to tell me what time I will be waiting for you. . 1804: The Albany Register published a letter that Dr. Charles Cooper wrote to my father-in-law, in which Cooper summarized various criticisms I had made of you, both in correspondence and at a political dinner. . The Burr-Hamilton Duel Correspondence (or Hamilton-Burr Duel Correspondence) is a series of letters exchanged between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton after Hamilton supported Thomas Jefferson against Aaron Burr and called the idea that Burr is in public office “dangerous.” These letters were sent and received between 18 June 1804 and 25 June 1804. How regrettable it is and how regrettable it is that, while we are surrounded on all sides by declared enemies and insidious friends, these internal differences should be upsetting and tear apart our life force.

The last one is for me the most serious – the most alarming – and the most disturbing of the two. And without more charity for the opinions and actions of the other in government matters. . I believe that it will be difficult, if not unenforceable, to manage the reins of government or to maintain its cohesion: because if, instead of putting one`s shoulders on the machine after deciding to take measures, one withdraws it and another, that, before trying fairly the benefits of the thing, it must inevitably be more tom asunder – And, I think the best prospect of happiness and prosperity ever presented to man will be lost – perhaps forever! 1801: I wrote several letters criticizing you sharply, calling you dishonest, and mocking the idea that you would become president. Jefferson`s notes contain complaints about another of what Jefferson Hamilton called the forty-five minute jury speeches. And on the other hand, as he said in a letter to Washington, Hamilton couldn`t stand the fact that whenever something didn`t work in Hamilton`s way, he could see Jefferson on the table smiling at him. For example, as Jefferson said in a note to a friend, one evening in 1791, Secretary of State Jefferson, Secretary of the Treasury Hamilton, Secretary of War Henry Knox, and Vice President John Adams ate together in Jefferson`s house.

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