Disagreements At Potsdam Conference Of 1945

Churchill was not present at the graduation ceremonies. His party lost in the England election and he was replaced by new Prime Minister Clement Attlee in the middle of the conference. Potsdam was the last post-war conference of the Three. The Potsdam Conference had broken the war alliance between the United States and the USSR. There were a number of reasons for this: despite many differences of opinion, the Allied leaders were able to reach some agreements in Potsdam. For example, negotiators confirmed the status of demilitarized and disarmed Germany among four zones of the Allied crew. According to the minutes of the conference, there should be “complete indignation and demilitarization of Germany”; all aspects of German industry that could be used for military purposes should be dismantled; all German military and paramilitary forces should be eliminated; and the manufacture of any military equipment in Germany was prohibited. In addition, German society should be democratically transformed by the repeal of all discriminatory laws of the Nazi era and by the arrest and trial of Germans considered “war criminals.” The German education and judicial system should be cleansed of authoritarian influences and democratic political parties should be encouraged to participate in the administration of Germany at the local and state levels. . . .

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