Case Law On Specific Performance Of Agreement To Sell

proof of the will and willingness or performance to close. If the applicant wishes, as a defendant, to charge certain persons as defendants, on the ground that they might be affected by the outcome of the appeal, the interest of justice is also to allow such a prayer for enforcement, so that the persons likely to be concerned have knowledge of the proceedings and can take an adequate defence; which is suitable for their sellers. The parties necessary for legal action for the concrete execution of a sales contract are not only contracting parties or their legal representatives, but also a person who bought the contractual property from the seller.- judge Shiva Kirti Singh and judge R Banumathi. Referring to the evidence recorded, the Bank stated that there was absolutely no evidence that the claimant could, through the means, arrange for the payment of consideration under the referral agreement. It is not possible to answer the simple objection that he is willing to pay the consideration without providing valid information on this justification. It is not necessary for the applicant to provide finished money, but it is imperative to prove in turn that he has the necessary means to obtain the equivalent. – Judges Abdul Nazeer and Deepak Gupta. The limitation period required for an appeal for a given benefit is three years from the date fixed for the benefit or, in the absence of such a date, if the claimant has noticed the rejection of the benefit.[31] The Specific Benefit Act, as set out in the Specific Relief Act 1963 (“the Act”), is an extremely important facet of civil law. The law covers, among other things, most aspects of the performance of the contract as well as the injunctions that can be granted and invoked.

CASE 19: Recourse to the specific performance of the contract by one of the common commitments is maintained: by a precise interpretation of section 14 (3) (c) (iii), the anomaly and absurdity created by the third condition are maintained in a situation where the developer interested in the property brings a legal action for a specific performance against the owner; no applicability….

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