Whats An Agreement Number

The English agreement is a grammatical indication that two or more neighbouring words share some of their meaning. A well-known example is the “subject-verbal” chord, in which a verb has a singular or plural form, according to which of these two meanings are present in a noun or pronodem that is its subject. Article-verb agreement rules sometimes help to show whether a word in a text is a verb or not. For example, if we see the increase in prices combined, we will know by the absence of a final increase, that this must be a noun, because a verb with price as a single theme should be increases. If the increase is a Nov, the price must be a Nov, which describes it in an adjective way (see 38. Nomen Used like Addjectives) – and the verb of the phrase will be elsewhere. In addition to the pre-name words of the variables listed above, there are a few immutable words that the noun must accept. All words except any nountitive (and therefore countable) as well as decimal numbers, z.B. 0.5 liter (see 67).

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