Tfta Agreement Pdf

. . . Conflict Studies: Prevention, Management – Resolution eJournal SECO/WTI Academic Cooperation Project Working Paper Series 2016/02 . Development Economics: Regional – Country Studies eJournal . In 2015, the heads of state and government of COMESA, ABC and CDAA agreed on the creation of the Tripartite Free Trade Area (TFTA), which stretches from Cape Town to Cairo and brings together the 26 members of the three groups. While TFTA negotiations are ongoing, it is necessary for Member States to be aware of their rights and obligations, as well as the nature and power of the TFTA bodies. This paper analyzes the dispute resolution bodies of the three regional economic communities that make up the large trading bloc, in order to distill the key characteristics that enable effective dispute resolution. The study shows that it is necessary for regional judicial authorities to be able to work independently and effectively without inappropriate interference by political elites, otherwise they will fail in the fulfilment of their mandate. Subscribe to this royalty review for other articles on international political economy: Trade Policy eJournal.

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