Service Level Agreement Catering Company

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are not generic, but are dictated by the specifics of each event. Organizing a corporate event where all ducks must stand to each other. ALS is one of the most important requirements to ensure that your suppliers (processors, set suppliers and technical suppliers) provide their expected products or services. Without ALS, you may be held responsible for the supplier`s inability to do its job properly. This could range from a lack of food to worse consequences, such as fire or theft. You are not only financially responsible, but also legally responsible – and in the event of a disaster or non-performance of a service, this can have serious consequences for your customers and your reputation. Availability of service – it indicates the times at which the customer should be available, and the methods of communication with which he stays in contact with the company or planner, as well as the desired locations at certain times. Service assumptions (i.e., all changes to necessary services are effectively passed on to the creditor). For example, if you want to host a gala dinner in a five-star hotel, you don`t need a health and safety inspection or a caterer. When attending an event in an isolated area where guests must be transported to the event site, you must use a shuttle service that will detail aspects such as insurance, emergency procedures and driver authentication. 1.Summary of the agreements Details of the two parties entering into a service level contract (SLA), the type of service required and the duration of the agreement. Example: “This document represents an ALS between RSVP and Vendor X for the provision of catering for the annual Y. 2 golf day.

Goals and Objectives In this section of an ALS, the goal of ALS is to ensure that both parties provide the necessary services and their individual responsibilities. Yes, for example. B, there is an ALS between you and a health and safety officer, this section states that they must be on site at that time, as well as when their services are needed off-site and at the communication channels they need to use (for example. B mobile phone or email) 3.

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