Google Content License Agreement

You agree to display all of the attributions required by Google as shown in the API documentation. Google hereows a non-exclusive non-transferable, non-conceded license, while the terms of use for displaying Google`s brand functions for the advertising or advertising you use in APIs are effective. You may only use Google`s brand functions in accordance with the conditions and for the purposes of fulfilling your obligations in this section. When you use Google`s brand functions, you need to follow Google branding policies. You understand and accept that Google has the exclusive power to determine whether your imputation (s) and the use of Google`s brand functions comply with the above requirements and policies. As part of the promotion, marketing or proof of the APIs you use and associated Google products, Google can create and distribute secondary representations, including screenshots, videos or other content of your API client, and use your company or product name. They grant us all the rights necessary for the purposes mentioned above. Once you`ve completed your API access conditions, you`ll immediately stop using the API, stop using Google brand features, and remove all stored or stored content authorized by the section 5 cache header. Google can independently communicate with any account holder whose account (s) is linked to your API client and developer notification information to notify the termination of your right to use an API. Patent licensing.

Subject to the terms of this contract, you grant Google and the recipients of software distributed by Google a patent license without limitation in time, worldwide, non-exclusive, free, free, irrevocable (except in the case of what is indicated in this section) in order to make, use, offer, import, import and transfer for other purposes, provided that this license applies only to claims that you can sub-license. which are necessarily violated only by your contributions or by the combination of your contribution. The work to which such contributions have been submitted. When a company enters patent litigation against you or another organization (including a cross-report or counter-action in a lawsuit) that claims that your contribution or the work to which you contributed constitutes a direct or contributory patent infringement, all patent licenses granted to the organization for that contribution or work under this agreement are void as of the date of that date. where such a dispute is brought.

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