Dutch Prevention Agreement

Secretary of State Paul Blokhuis (VWS) and many partners see the national prevention agreement as a way to achieve healthier Netherlands. The prevention agreement focuses on three issues that are responsible for a large part of the burden of the disease in the Netherlands: smoking, problematic drinking and obesity. Blokhuis and the other parties believe that the objectives and measures set out in this agreement will contribute to the achievement of the agreement`s ambitions. Statistics Netherlands Health Survey/Lifestyle Monitor 2018 was created in collaboration with the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and the Trimbos Institute. This survey should see where we stand to achieve those objectives set out in the agreement. Many European countries are popular in their traditional food and food markets. The Dutch have made great strides in many areas. Why not think about innovating in your food traditions? In particular, you might start building a new history of traditional Dutch cuisine based on healthy and nutritious gradients. In addition, you could go further with this innovation with the ability to advertise. We live in the time of technological development, everything is easier with technology. So why not use our own profit intelligently? The package of measures for the prevention of obesity includes: more pipes in public spaces, ban on the sale of sugary soft drinks in schools, “schijf van vijf” campaign, Dutch dietary guidelines, further reduction of sugar content in soft drinks, healthier foods in canteens and restaurants, intensification of the “Young Healthy Weights” programme and support from health organisations to lifestyle. The goal is to reduce the expected increase in obesity from more than 60% in 2040 to a decrease of less than 40%.

This is a great ambition because it means returning to overweight levels in the early 1990s. RIVM estimates that the package will result in a limited reduction in the increase in obesity. Further action is needed to achieve this goal. This agreement was adopted by the Secretary of State for Health and some 70 social and business organizations. These targets must be achieved by 2040. The three priorities of the agreement have ambitious goals to improve public health by 2040: the national prevention agreement in the Netherlands is full of new rules aimed at giving a vision of improving public health in the Netherlands over the next three decades. In concrete terms, the agreement brought together more than 70 organizations to define specific rules that would address three key issues: unhealthy alcohol consumption, smoking and obesity. The Netherlands has been criticised for its slow implementation of the FCTC`s measures, and progress on tobacco control between 2010 and 2012 has even been briefly delayed. More recently, however, the government has taken a much more positive approach to tobacco control.

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