Blanket Purchase Agreement Terms And Conditions

(a) The following conditions are imperative: (d) agencies provide appropriate guarantees regarding the control of forms and the accounting of purchases. Unless otherwise stated in an release provision under this provision, the seller provides, at his own risk and at his own expense, all the equipment, equipment, tools and facilities necessary to fulfill the seller`s obligations under all past release orders. Any material, equipment, tools, designs, plans, specifications, parts, intellectual property or other that is provided by the buyer or paid specially by the buyer to allow the Seller to deliver as part of a release order is the property of the buyer. Any property: (i) can only be used to allow the seller to deliver in accordance with the current release order; (ii) may not be used by the seller in the manufacture of third-party or self-employment materials without the buyer`s prior written permission; (iii) can be withdrawn free of charge by the buyer upon request; and (iv) unless the buyer has decided otherwise, the buyer is referred to the buyer at an earlier time from the conclusion or cancellation of the applicable release order, to the risks and costs exposed by the seller. The seller will use this property at his own risk to insure it and will be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the seller. The seller acknowledges that all these goods delivered by the buyer to the seller and used in the manufacture of the products have been kept in good condition and the seller, at his own expense and at his cost, will store and wait for all these goods in good condition and in good repair. The seller must pay the buyer for any lost, damaged or destroyed items that are not directly in the buyer`s custody. If the seller requires the buyer to additional goods to fulfill the seller`s obligations from a release order, the seller will buy the same from the buyer at the current prices of that property. On the buyer`s instruction, the seller will consider, at his own expense, separately all the goods provided by the buyer, maintain an updated and accurate inventory accounting and make an accurate inventory, as required by the buyer.

BUYING DOES NOT MAKE WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND WITH RESPECT FOR ANY PROPERTY OR SPECIFICATIONS IT MAY FURNISH AND EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE FOR THE SAME. This framework decision, all declassification orders, all other documents mentioned in it, any written agreement signed between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement, any confidentiality agreement signed between the parties and any other guarantee that the seller grants to the purchaser constitute the whole agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this framework order and all the declassification mandates that have been placed there and replace all the pre-negotiations. , commitments, orders and writings relating to them.

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