Ahs Lpn Collective Agreement

All this happened after AHS proposed a four-year wage freeze and “massive” withdrawals from the nurses` collective agreement, said A.A. Local 84 President Lara Kostyshyn. Formal negotiations for the ADA agreement began on 15 January, after a pay start in 2019, she said. The AA website stated that its proposed proposal contained two per cent increases in two years and some additional improvements to the language of the treaty in the agreement. Local nurses, front-line health workers and other labour activists showed their support for public health care and patient care safety with a walk on February 13. The local walk was less than 33, organized across the province amid collective bargaining between Alberta Health Services (AHS) and the United Nurses of Alberta (UNA) on their provincial general arrangement. “In our collective agreement, a lot of language is attacked. We are trying to get our current collective agreement and we are working on negotiations in all faith,” Kostyshyn said. A proposal was submitted to the ADF on 14 January 2020. Our AA proposal reflects our goal of aligning our collective agreements more with comparable provinces,” said Williamson. RN colleague Carlie Bakker hopes to see some momentum ahead during collective bargaining and the maintenance of previous hard-earned labour standards. Kerry Williamson of AHS Communications confirmed that a collective agreement is under way with the unions and that wages will be part of those discussions. These agreements contained provisions to delay layoffs. The AHS`s latest offer included this provision and extended it until March 31, but the union wants to postpone all redundancies until a new agreement is reached.

The collective agreement was originally scheduled to expire at the end of March, but the two groups agreed to temporarily delay negotiations during the pandemic. “The ADF believes that any redundancies should be postponed until a new collective agreement is established,” he said. “AHS has said it will not agree to postpone redundancies until a new agreement is reached.” This voluntary questionnaire includes the nature and recruitment of workstations, training and information on EPI and CPI practices and protocols, use and access to PPE, and personal health. It also contains general demographic issues. He added that the AHS hopes to move the negotiations forward while ensuring that they are fiscally responsible and that public funds are used in the most efficient and effective way possible.

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